Thundercracker – G1 Transformers Statue

Thundercracker - G1 Transformers Statue

Thundercracker – G1 Transformers Statue “These creatures were never worthy adversaries.”   Sideshow and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles present another member of the deadly Seekers- the Thundercracker G1 Museum Scale Statue.   The Thundercracker Statue measures 26.5” tall, as the treacherous jet fighter launches off of a purple mechanical base detailed with the Decepticon logo and a sculpted trail of flame and vapor. Thundercracker features an incredibly unique paint application in a variety of grey, blue, and black tones with red and orange detailing, designed to capture the iconic animated appearance of the Generation 1 Transformers. This statue also includes two interchangeable portraits- one with a smirking expression and one with a focused expression.   The Thundercracker Statue also includes accessories to upgrade the Starscream G1 Museum Scale Statue into King Starscream- an alternate head with a crown, a pair of regal shoulder pads, and a real cloth cape with wire for posing are all included so you can coronate the king of the Seekers in your collection.  The Starscream Statue is sold separately.   Upgrade your collection and add the Thundercracker G1 Museum Scale Statue from PCS to your collection today!

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