Gone Fishin’ T. Wei Designer Collectible Toy

Gone Fishin' T. Wei Designer Collectible Toy

Gone Fishin’ T. Wei Designer Collectible Toy We’ve got a reel good feeling about this one. Gone Fishin’ by T. Wei is packed with skele-tons of personality, so relax, take the bait, and sit bone idle with this delightfully dead limited edition designer collectible toy. Artist Statement: Our skeleton pal is fishing for a deep and meaningful personal truth. This watering hole appears to be empty.   About the Artist: Tien “T. Wei’ Hee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Drawing inspiration from vintage cartoons, graphic design, and methods of mass production his work attempts to straddle the line between abstraction and the representational. The considered and the nonsensical. Always imbued with a focus on fun.

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