Giganotosaurus Statue

Giganotosaurus   Statue

Giganotosaurus Statue Sideshow and Damtoys present the Giganotosaurus Statue! Giganotosaurus, or ‘giant southern lizard’, is a giant terrestrial carnivore. Similar to Mapusaurus, longer but slightly lighter than Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus walks on its two back legs. A descendant of Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus evolved to be even larger – the largest carnivorous dinosaur after Spinosaurus. It has arms stronger and better for hunting than that of T-Rex; tail thick and sharp enough to stun its prey. Based on faithful research, the Museum Series Production team also made corresponding redesigns to make it look even more handsome and fiercer. Name: GiganotosaurusLived: Mid CretaceousDistribution: ArgentinaLength: 11~13.8mScale: 1/25th Add this to your prehistoric collection today!

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